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We have many options available to our customer:

In Office Diagnostics and Repairs
You can bring your computer into our office and we will diagnose the problem and give you an estimate BEFORE we do the work.  There is NO CHARGE for the estimate.  You will be able to make a decision if you want to repair your computer or not.  We are able to repair most problems in one hour.   For Desktop computers we only need the computer (NO cords, keyboards, mouse or monitors... unless one these items is having a problem).  For Notebooks we do need your power cord.

Remote Support
As long as you have internet connection and your computer is not running too slow then we can log into your computer and work on software problems.  This is good for spyware, malware and virus removal.  

Service Calls
We will come to your business and work on your computer, network or internet issues.  The rate for a service call is $80 per hour with a one hour minimum charge.  Unfortunately we are not able to make service calls to home computers.  You will have to bring your computer to us.
We offer a variety of ways of solving your 
computer needs.  
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